Education 4.0: A view from different digital proposals

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Montoya-Múnera, E., Aguilar, J., Monsalve-Pulido, J.A., Jiménez-Narváez, M., Varela-Tabares, D., Montoya-Jaramillo, E., Salazar, C., Tabares, M., Vallejo, P., Trefftz, H., Esteban, P.V., Vega, J.S., Nieto, A., Córdoba, C. y Gil , G.A. 2020. Education 4.0: A view from different digital proposals. Editorial EAFIT. DOI:
diciembre 21, 2020

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Cristian Suárez-Giraldo (ed)
Universidad EAFIT
Óscar Caicedo Alarcón (ed)
Universidad EAFIT

Palabras clave:

Tecnología educativa, Innovaciones educativas, Realidad aumentada en educación, Inteligencia artificial – Aplicaciones en educación


This book presents how 4.0 technologies enable a highly participatory and dialogic education, where students of different levels have the possibility of learning and training in their discipline while developing soft skills and, at the same time, the teachers can follow the development and evolution of these capacities and the purposes expected in the courses. Given the variety of courses modalities that are currently offered (e-learning, b-learning, m-learning, blended learning, among others), the applications presented in each chapter, as well as the appropriation of technologies for the enrichment of the students' cognitive and social skills, are an opportunity to explore new perspectives and approaches to Education 4.0.



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